Murder mystery dinner

Murder at Hotel Rößle

Connect a delicious dinner with dramatic scenes at the table next to you.
Find out who was the murderer!
A very refreshing special theater experience with the
Ensemble FREISTIL – a treat for all senses.
Experience the thrill of both nerves and palate at our Hotel Rößle in Todtmoos!

Close to the action at the Murder Mystery Dinner 


05.11.2021murder at the single party

06.11.2021 murder at the company party


15.01.2022 Murder on the film set

12.02.2022 murder on the wedding night

19.03.2022 murder at the single party

We thank you for your table reservation, as the number of participants is limited.

From 6:00 PM, we are awaiting you for an aperitif and starting the show at 7:00 PM.

Please note that the the company Freistil Theater is official organiser and responsible for the event. Mentioned prices are package prices of both organiser and hotel.

Price per person including 4-course menu and aperitif € 80.00

With overnight stay

Of course, it is also possible to stay the night at our hotel:

Murder Mystery Dinner offer

  • 1 night
  • Large breakfast buffet
  • Free use of the wellness area
  • Murder Mystery Dinner

Price per person in comfort double room  € 166.00

Price per person in Superior double room € 200.00

Price per person in double room in our guesthouse € 160.00

Price per person in Appartement € 180.00

Price per person in Junior-Suite € 180.00

Price per person in comfort single room € 180,00

For exampleMurder at the Psychologist Congress

As a visitor of the psychologist congress, you are having dinner in a restaurant.
Organizer of the congress, which is about intelligence research, is the absent-minded Prof. Dr. Werner Reich.
His pretty assistant, Dr. Claudia Stern, must ensure that he keeps an overview.
One of the congress participants is the belligerent Dr. Jürgen Geier who is disturbing the evening and who would have liked to become a professor himself.
At the launch of a new and sensational invention of Prof. Reich, one of the scientists is killed.
What at first looks like a tragic accident, turns out to be assassination. But the neurotic investigating inspector Volker Odenburg is eaten by self-doubt. Therefore, its dominant and ruthless mother, who is the retired former head of the Police Department, interferes in the investigation and applies controversial methods.

Good thing that you get served a fine four-course menu, in the meantime. This gives you time to digest the experience
and to discuss with the other guests, who is the murderer. And do not worry: Except for setting up an energy field for an unusual treatment together with all conference participants, you do not have to take part in the game!

Murder at the filmset

You are sitting in a restaurant, where a film crew is just shooting the crime film “Go to Hell, My Love!”.
You, together with the other guests, are the extras for two scenes of the film. So far, the director has made only
unsuccessful films and is constantly arguing with the arrogant and narcissistic protagonist.
The shy supporting actress is obviously miscast, the diva-like main actress hates
the main actor and the gay and snappy supporting actor would rather play a major role.
Suddenly, one of the artists is murdered on the film set. But the incompetent police sergeant Dieter Drösel,
who is investigating in this murder case, is constantly wrong with his suspicions. Who the murderer was, remains open until the end.

Good thing that you get served a fine four-course menu, in the meantime. This gives you time to digest the experience and
to discuss with the other guests who may have been the culprit. And you shall even help a bit with the filming:
In two of the scenes you can act as an extra and cry out in horror or snip along enthusiastically when the leading lady is singing.
To ensure that this works, the director does a couple of voice and stretching exercises with you and the other guests, in the beginning.

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