Wellness treatments

Wellness treatments

  Dubravka Diesener und Marietta Baumgartner are looking forward to welcoming you!

Please book your treatments in advance!
All treatments – if not included in a package – have to be paid directly!

Back Massage

for relaxation and muscle relaxation

Treatment time approx. 25 min. € 36.00

Full-Body Massage

Massage of back, arms and legs

Small: Treatment time approx. 55 min. € 65.00

Large incl. head and face: Treatment time approx. 70 min. € 80.00

Herbal stamp massage

A special massage technique from East Asia. It brings harmony and relaxation to the skin and soul. At the same time, the skin’s moisture depots are replenished. The heat stimuli set a mechanism of cell regeneration in motion.

Small treatment time back and face approx. 40 min. € 60.00 

Full body treatment time approx. 60 min. € 100.00

Full body with face treatment time approx. 75 min. € 125.00

Honey massage

The Russian-Tibetan honey massage produces an irritation of the tissue via the skin. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated, thus diseased areas can purify, regenerate and the pain can subside. The honey worked into the skin through the massage strokes activates the metabolism. (Caution: Not suitable for allergies to honey and for diabetics).

Back massage treatment time approx. 40 min. € 60.00

Full body treatment time approx. 75 min. € 100.00

Venus shell massage

In this special massage by the South Pacific islanders, the fascinating shells of the clam are filled with lava gel. This sets in a self-heating effect. With only 2 lava shells, a warm soothing and very relaxing massage is achieved.

Back massage treatment time approx. 25 min. € 45.00

Back and face massage treatment time approx. 45 min. € 55.00

Full body massage treatment time approx. 60 min. € 85.00

Full body and facial massage treatment time approx. 75 min. € 110.00


Aroma oil massage

A massage experience with warm oils and sensual scents.
You can choose between the following effects of the oils:

  • relaxing
  • balancing
  • strengthening

It is best to specify your choice directly with us when booking!

Back massage treatment time approx. 25 min. € 40.00

Full body massage treatment time approx. 55 min. € 70.00

Acidosana – connective tissue massage

Let your body cleanse from everyday stress and recharge your energy. This massage removes waste products and detoxifies your body. So he has room for new energy ! Finally, your body will be massaged with pomegranate oil.

treatment time approx. 70 min. € 85.00


Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

With special pumping and cupping handles, the lymph flow is stimulated and thus the lymph fluid and waste products are carted away from the body tissues.

Face and head – treatment time approx. 25 min. € 30.00

Back and arms or both legs – treatment time approx. 55 min. € 70.00

Full body including face and head – treatment time approx. 75 min. € 80.00

Foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology

The reflection of man in the feet. The feet, being associated to specific organs and body parts via energetic links,
are massaged with specific massage movements. Activating life energy and strengthening self-healing.

Treatment time approx. 45 min. € 48.00

For expectant moms

For Expectant Moms

bookable from 2 nights in our hotel

Pregnant women can look forward to a relaxation treatment of shoulder, neck and face and a lymphatic drainage treatment of the legs and arms, afterwards .

Treatment time approx. 75 min.  € 80.00

We do have interesting complete offers, where some of these treatments are already included:


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